I started an instagram account in 2o15 to help document what I ate on a daily basis. I included the nutritional information in each post to help keep me aware of what I was eating – how much fat, carbs, and protein. Back then, and still even, I had a much harder time getting my daily protein than my carbs. I was a sugar ADDICT. And really, I still am. I crave ice cream on a daily basis. The difference now is that when I have these cravings I don’t always give in to them. I’m learning how to eat for my health, not based on my emotions. This instagram account has helped me get to where I am now.

I’m on to my next step of my journey: cooking more. I’m starting this blog to help motivate myself to cook more often and plan out my food more often. I used to only think about food like 20 minutes before I actually ate, which meant I would end up making something really easy like a parfait for dinner. But then I would end up eating less balanced, more sugar-filled meals. SO now I’m working on learning new recipes and cooking more frequently. I hope you enjoy following along!

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